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Who We Are

Joe Avance III – Founder of AVA Neighborhood Miracle Network

At the beginning of 2020, I had a senior class project where I needed to develop a service that would impact individuals. During this time, the wildfires were blazing across Australia, tornados were ripping apart homes, and earthquakes left buildings in ruins. Weeks later, the devastation spread to cities across the country as a result of riots and COVID-19. Amid all of the chaos, I noticed a particular group that’s often forgotten: People that struggle with their basic everyday needs.

The media portrays destruction happening on all platforms. Still, we often don’t see the individuals affected by these situations and those who deal with micro disasters every day. Families in less fortunate and poverty-stricken areas are struggling. Some of their struggles can include being a single-parent household, limited income, incarceration issues, or the inability to access resources and care. Perhaps a fire destroyed a house, and now that family has to stay in a motel. Or, if something does happen, they don’t want to go to the government or any law enforcement for assistance. These are some instances of the day to day struggles that get overlooked but need help badly. 

With all of this negativity happening globally, I felt the need to put myself into a position to create a positive change. My business’s goal is not to provide a handout; instead, I want to lend a hand up. My focus is on families, neighborhoods, and zip codes dealing with these difficult situations.

With much help and prayers, you would be an aid and a supporter financially. You would additionally allow us to use provisions and provide the ability to generate resources to transform lives. We are striving to form permanent and impactful relationships, one miracle at a time.

our Mission statement

We Find, Fund & Aid

As a crisis assistance intercessory organization, AVA Neighborhood Miracle Network aims to provide individuals and families with resources and provision due to hardships, adversities, and difficulties in marginal situations there-by strengthening communities through solidarity and fellowship. Our goal is to identify and assist families and groups of people who have been overlooked by larger, traditional charity organizations.

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Hardships leave a devastating impact on the parents and children. Contributing resources produces hope within the individual and allows them to see that they’re loved and valued. The implications of this will show how their lives get transformed and the positive light they’ll be in this world. 

We would love for you to be apart of our AVA Neighborhood as we change lives one miracle at a time.

Neighborhood Miracle Network

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